3-8 Grade Anti-Bully Student School Protect

This resource is a digital lesson that teaches your student about the bullying problem (including the types of bullying, the who’s of bullying, and how to recognize and stop bullying).

Information Disclaimer

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Course Curriculum

  • 3002.1 Course Introduction
    4 minutes
  • 3002.2 Anti-Bully Review 1
    6 minutes
  • 3002.3 Common Myths About Bullying
    4 minutes
  • 3002.4 Anti-Bully Review 2
    5 minutes
  • 3002.5 Types of Bullying
    3 minutes
  • 3002.6 Anti-Bully Review 3
    5 minutes
  • 3002.7 The Effects of Bullying
    5 minutes
  • 3002.8 Anti-Bully Review 4
    5 minutes
  • 3002.9 Responding to Bullying
    7 minutes
  • 3002.10 Anti-Bully Review 5
    5 minutes
  • 3002.11 Anti-Bully Policy
    5 minutes
  • 3002.12 Anti-Bully Pledge Sample
    1 questions
  • 3002.13 You’re all done!
    2 minutes

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